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Hector Solis

  • Founder of CKS Martial Arts International with branches in Reynosa, Mexico; Monterrey, Mexico; Cellaya, Mexico; Monclova, Mexico;  Santiago de Chile & Santa Cruz de Chile. 

  • Associations:

    Apprentice Instructor Under Guro Dan Inosanto

  • Senior Instructor under  Paul Vunak.  (PFS)

  • Affiliate Instructor under Ron Balicki (MARS)

  • Training Officer Under Harrinder Singh (JKDAA)

  • Apprentice level 1 Daniel Sullivan. (Warriors Alliance)              

  • Certifications:

  • Filipino Martial Arts

  • Jeet Kune Do

  • Lee Jun Fan JKD Contemporary JKD 

  • Edged weapons

  • Rapid Assault Tactics 

  • Second Degree Black Belt in Shorin-ryu Karate. 

  • Action Strength level 1

  • Apprentice Dirty Boxing Panantukan

  • Red Glove in Savate


  • Hector has  worked as a doorman-bouncer and also worked for a private security company as security officer, and Defensive Tactics Instructor.  He has assisted in the training of security officers, LEOs, S.W.A.T., State and Federal personnel.




Bruce Lee

Ron Balicki

Harinder Singh

Guro Dan Inosanto

Paul Vunak

Sensei Mike Harvey

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